Here is why I made this film TECHQUA IKACHI (Land and Life):

In 1969 Hopi elders in Hotevilla in northern Arizona were protesting against mining and oil drilling on their reservation. Their ancient prophecy foretold disaster, and they asked for a film.

I was on their side in resisting exploitation and pollution of their land but thought their prophecy of widespread disaster to be a desperate tactic and wild exaggeration.  That was before anyone had heard of carbon or global warming.  Now, forty years later, I have seen that prophecy coming true, and verified by the leading scientists of the world, and I see that I have been acting as a channel to spread that prophecy.

But the film, like the elders themselves, has been crying in the wind.  People and politicians give lip service but seek alternative energy sources so we can all keep on doing what we have been doing, just minus the carbon.  The Hopi prophecy says that will not work, that only a simpler life will save civilization, but consumer capitalism says no.  The catastrophe is still on track because the worst will not fall on us, but on a future generation, as the change demanded is too much.

Pity our grandchildren!!!

In the film TECHQUA IKACHI: ABORIGINAL WARNING–EDUCATION EDITION (44 minutes), indigenous people resist the exploitation and pollution of their ancestral lands by oil and mining interests. In their prophecy, drilling and mining Mother Earth brings disaster, and the truth and accuracy of that prophecy is being proven in the rising specter of global warming from carbon.

Part One: AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A HOPI, historical documentary (9 minutes)                                         A young boy is taken away from the land by the federal government to go to school, to factory work, to unemployment, to war. He finally chooses to return to tradition and a more natural life.

Part Two: EARTH SPIRIT, prophetic docudrama (35 minutes)

A troubled city teenager of mixed ancestry is drawn back home to help defend the land, and an elder risks his life to stop the mining because of ancient prophecy that harming the earth will bring doom to humanity. But many indigenous people want the material benefits of modern industry. Tribe and family are split apart as traditionals blockade the main highway to protest mining and drilling.

All around the world, indigenous peoples are protesting the drilling and mining that has invaded their lands. Many of us are concerned about the effect of global warming on our health and well-being, but few think about the health or well-being of those suffering right now at the sources of our energy and metals.

However, with the coming of global warming, we may all go down together.

The DVD of the film TECHQUA IKACHI is available through IndieFlix or amazon.

TECHQUA IKACHI can be viewed free no charge:

The feature-length film EARTH SPIRIT (83 minutes) received the Neptune Award at the Moondance International Film Festival.

Reviews of this film:

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March 8, 2013



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  1. Hello,

    I am Sean Carney, a member of the Wampanoag Indian Tribe. My uncle, Jose Andrews is in this film. He passed away a few years back, and I have been trying to acquire hard copies of his work for my grandparents. How would I go about getting my hands on a copy of this film. Thank you very much!

  2. elaine kanerton'tha Roderick Says:

    Amazing. I am Mohawk from Akwesasne, New York. We all feel and see the
    future in our hearts, and watch it happen before our eyes. Onen, Kaneraton’tha

  3. brendanorrell Says:

    HI, If possible, please send me a review copy for Censored News. Please email me for my mailing address. Thank you, Brenda Norrell

  4. lucas gallup Says:

    I am also interested in seeing this film. I am an American Indian Studies student and would love to see this in support of research i am doing. I fully support the hopi people and all their prophecies and would appreciate a reply to how I could also view this film. I of course am willing to pay for this.

  5. hello, you are so right dead on with what i have read. the white people think that we are all stupid and think that we can fall for the white man thing. i am a full blooded dine and i respect the traditional ways of being a dine. keep up the good work and i will keep reading on!! thank you!!

  6. Did you also make the film Autobiography of a Hopi?

  7. I’m trying to find the dvd Techqua Ikachi: Land – My Life I know it’s a different movie than this. Where can I find one?

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