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In the film TECHQUA IKACHI: ABORIGINAL WARNING–EDUCATION EDITION (44 minutes), indigenous people resist the exploitation and pollution of their ancestral lands by oil and mining interests. In their prophecy, drilling and mining Mother Earth brings disaster, and the truth and accuracy of that prophecy is being proven in the rising specter of global warming from carbon.

Part One: AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A HOPI, historical documentary (9 minutes)

A young boy is taken away from the land by the federal government to go to school, to factory work, to unemployment, to war. He finally chooses to return to tradition and a more natural life.

Part Two: EARTH SPIRIT, prophetic docudrama (35 minutes)

Available for free viewing as part of PROPHECY&POLLUTION:

A troubled city teenager of mixed ancestry is drawn back home to help defend the land, and an elder risks his life to stop the mining because of ancient prophecy that harming the earth will bring doom to humanity. But many indigenous people want the material benefits of modern industry. Tribe and family are split apart as traditionals blockade the main highway to protest mining and drilling.

Why support such protests?

Today’s climate news from around the world

March 8, 2013



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Recent heat unlike anything in 11,000 years. A look at 11,000 years of climate temperatures shows the world in the middle of a dramatic U-turn, lurching from near-record cooling to a heat spike. Scientists say it is further evidence that modern-day global warming is the result of rising carbon dioxide emissions since the Industrial Revolution began. Associated Press


The feature-length version of EARTH SPIRIT (83 minutes) received the Neptune Award at the Moondance International Film Festival:

All around the world, indigenous peoples are protesting the drilling and mining that has invaded their lands. Like Al Gore, many are concerned about the effect of global warming on their health and well-being, but few think about the health or well-being of those suffering right now at the sources of our energy and metals.

However, with the coming of global warming, we will all go down together.

The DVD of the film TECHQUA IKACHI is available through

The two videos which compose TECHQUA IKACHI are the first two videos in our educational video trilogy PROPHECY & POLLUTION on the history of oil and mining exploitation of lands of indigenous peoples:

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